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Providing prosperity for all

At Buyamia we empower global buyers and Indonesian suppliers with a platform and the support to succeed.

Our Values

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Doing good with every exchange

At Buyamia, for every full shipped container, we donate six months of free Wi-Fi and meals to a family in need. By connecting local businesses with global buyers, Buyamia fosters beneficial partnerships for mutual growth and local prosperity.

Trust and transparency

At Buyamia, trust and transparency are fundamental as a global marketplace. We prioritize these values in every transaction, fostering a reliable and open environment for commerce.

Building meaningful connections

At Buyamia, building meaningful connections is essential. Serving as the hub for Indonesian vendors to connect with global buyers, we prioritize fostering these valuable connections at the core of our marketplace.

Be unique, be yourself

At our platform, we offer a diverse array of Indonesian products, welcoming everyone to explore and find items that suit their individual preferences and styles.

Local To Global

Buyamia serves as a platform, amplifying local Indonesian businesses onto the global stage by showcasing exceptional offerings to a worldwide audience, bridging local suppliers with global buyers.

Sustainability + Community

Buyamia's Eco-Conscious B2B Connection

Buyamia's commitment to sustainability is aligned with the United Nations and the Paris Agreement targets of Net Zero by 2050. Through our dedication to emphasizing recycled materials and eco-conscious practices, we strive to contribute towards this target.

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Connecting Communities

Buyamia is dedicated to providing free Wi-Fi, worth $250, to a local family for every complete container shipped by Buyamia. This initiative represents just the beginning of our philanthropic endeavors. We have extensive plans to lead various humanitarian efforts in the future.

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Feeding Futures

At Buyamia, we've established a significant partnership with Scholars of Sustenance to make a meaningful impact within local communities. For each full container sent to our buyers, Buyamia is dedicated to providing free meals to a local family.

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Connecting Artisans, Empowering Economy

Buyamia commenced with a noble aim: empowering local Indonesian businesses by introducing their products to a global market. Evolving beyond mere support, our vision now extends to catalyzing rapid growth within the Indonesian economy. By supporting these suppliers, Buyamia contributes significantly to Indonesia's economic landscape.

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Benefits of using Buyamia’s platform

Buyamia’s platform offers a seamless and uniform marketplace catering to B2B buyers.

Both buyers and suppliers benefit from transaction protection measures.

No reliance on third-party sourcing agents is necessary with Buyamia.

Simplification and cost reduction of the shipping process is a core advantage.

Gain access to rare specialty items that are challenging to find elsewhere.

Assured quality control and exceptional customer service are guaranteed by Buyamia.

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What sets Buyamia apart from traditional e-commerce platforms is our meticulous curation of premium services, offering a seamless one-stop purchasing experience at your fingertips. We call this approach 'We-Commerce.' Through this innovative system, we bridge worlds, fostering unparalleled global communication between sellers and buyers. This unique framework grants you access to a wide array of materials, aiding you in making informed decisions promptly. We-Commerce: Simply because We Care!

How Buyamia Is Impacting The Industry & Community?

Buyamia stands as Indonesia's pioneering B2B marketplace, uniting local Indonesian suppliers with global buyers, aimed at simplifying commerce. Our mission is to spotlight the richness of beauty and culture encapsulated in the offerings of these local suppliers. We've established a marketplace where B2B clients can source and showcase the finest goods Indonesia has to offer. This driving motivation is what fueled the creation of Buyamia.

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Buyamia logo
Buyamia logo
Boosting Employment & Income

Our platform creates jobs for artisans, boosting the economy by increasing spending power and supporting local communities.

Showcasing Indonesian Heritage

By promoting indigenous crafts, Buyamia enhances Indonesia's cultural profile, potentially boosting tourism and celebrating its rich heritage.

Fostering Manufacturing Excellence

Selling high-quality handmade products contributes to Indonesia's manufacturing sector, fostering growth and recognition.

Unmatched Support & Exclusive Services

24/7 Assistance

Buyamia offers continuous round-the-clock support, ensuring prompt assistance whenever you need it. Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to address your queries, provide guidance, and ensure a seamless experience, no matter the time zone or your specific requirements. Count on us for reliable and immediate assistance, ensuring your needs are met anytime, anywhere.

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Customization Expertise

At Buyamia, we excel in tailoring designs to suit your needs. Collaborate with us to modify existing designs or bring your unique vision to life. Simply share your requirements, and we'll transform your ideas into exceptional creations. Trust us to deliver personalized solutions that reflect your unique style and preferences.

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Quality Control

At Buyamia, we prioritize top-notch quality. Our thorough quality control process guarantees that every item meets strict standards. Opt for our Buyer's Guarantee for updates on your product's compliance with your standards. Trust Buyamia for excellence in every purchase.

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Streamlined Shipping

At Buyamia, we simplify your procurement process. Our streamlined shipping ensures hassle-free sourcing by consolidating all your supplies onto one user-friendly platform. Trust us to make sourcing easier and more efficient for you.

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Suppliers to Suppliers

Buyamia serves as the central hub for suppliers, streamlining the sourcing process. Access all your necessary supplies conveniently from a single platform. Count on us to enhance efficiency and connectivity within your supply chain.

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Looking for an out of the box ecommerce marketplace solution? We’ve got you covered. We offer Buyamia’s technology as a solution you can use for your own marketplace.

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