Frequently Asked Questions

Signing up to buy is easy. Buyamia makes sourcing products seamless by exploring our extensive selection of products that are offered on our wholesale platform. Simply add the products you are interested in into your wishlist and get in touch with us to get wholesale pricing.

Yes, Buyamia earns a commission from the seller of 10% on every order.

If Buyamia arranges shipping via our logistic partners a 10% service fee is applied to the cost of the shipping. However, shipping is optional. Buyers may choose to arrange shipping themselves.

Yes, Buyamia offers QC inspections. QC inspections are charged at US $300 per man day. Number of man days recquired is based on several factors including quantity to be inspected, complexity of the order/product, and location of the inspection. Buyamia will provide a QC quotation. This is an optional service. Buyers may choose to arrange QC themselves, or chose to not do QC.

Buyamia helps buyers by eliminating the complicated process of sourcing high quality Indonesian products. We also help buyers:

  • Discover Artisans products from over 5, 000 makers
  • Receive International/Domestic shipping price all in one platform
  • Receive On the Ground Support
  • Receive cConcierge services
  • Benefit from top Quality Control best practices

We do not provide returns. However, Buyamia can offer refunds under certain limited circumstances as described below.


  1. Shipping damage: If a buyer receives a product that was damaged in shipping, please take the following steps: Take a video of the shipment box while unboxing. Send images to the shipping company (as they will be the entity covering the cost or replacement or refund). Keep Buyamia notified and copied on correspondence.
  2. Check with the shipping company in question to make sure you follow their procedure (as they will be issuing the refund).
  3. Insufficient quality and missing items: In any of these cases, buyers must report the issue within 10 days of receiving the product. If a buyer does not report the issue within this period, the product shall be considered delivered and satisfactory. To report any issue with the order delivered, we would need proof to suitably address your concerns. We therefore request that you take the following steps to ensure that we can provide the fastest, most satisfactory resolution:
    • If there is any discrepancy between the sample and the product delivered, we request you to share the image of the product and sample side by side and articulate your specific issue.
    • Please share a clear image/video from different angles of any defect that you may notice on the product.

Please do take note that handcrafted items will always have a degree of variances compared to factory-made products.

Step 1: Discover products on the Buyamia marketplace and add items to your wishlist. When you are ready you can reach out to us for wholesale pricing. Buyamia will always ensure that you will have the lowest price. We negotiate with the makers on your behalf. If the maker offers product customization, simply let us know the request and instructions and we will deliver the specifications to the makers.

Step 2: Buyamia will confirm your orders within 72 business hours, along with any special request and lead times.

Step 3: Once you have confirmed the order details, including your payment details, the order is finalized.

Step 4: The maker begins production and once the order is ready to be fulfilled, you will receive a confirmation email prior to shipment.

Step 5: Upon shipment, a tracking number will be sent to your Buyamia's account section.

  • Buyamia ensures that, you can securely and easily pay for your products.
  • All payments will be held by Buyamia once the milestones are completed and approved by you.

Absolutely! With Buyamia’s concierge service you can share your designs, mood boards, sketches, photographs, budgets and specifications with us. We will in turn share these with respective makers to develop and design products according to your vision. Please note that sampling and shipping fees will be applied. These orders are also subject to higher minimum order quantities (MOQs) and sampling fees, with no returns.

Looking for an out of the box ecommerce marketplace solution? We’ve got you covered. We offer Buyamia’s technology as a solution you can use for your own marketplace.

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